Friday, February 26, 2010

Rag Doll Project - Part II, Mary Janes

My rag doll project is coming together little by little. As I mentioned before, I want to develop my own patterns for everything...doll, clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Here's a quick tutorial for my Mary Jane shoe pattern:

Begin by cutting shoe pieces from felt.

Align the back of the sole with the center of the main shoe piece.

Start stitching pieces together...I just use a whipstitch.

Once I've stitched around to the front of the shoe, I start from the back again on the other side. I found that sewing the pieces from back to front in two steps kept the pieces aligned the best.

Stitch up the front seam.

I do not turn the shoe in-side-out to hide the stitching at this point. I like the ridge along the sole that is visible when the stitches are on the outside.

Position the strap while it is on the doll foot to get the right angle and sew.


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