Monday, August 23, 2010

Pulley Clothesline

Our backyard now has one more useful addition.

Nick put up this pulley clothesline a few weeks ago. The laundry room door is right off this deck, so it's just a few steps to the line. There's a basket of clothespins there on the railing...I can stand right there and clip away...reeling the line out as I go. Another three cheers for an amazing husband.

The Great Tomato Project Continued

So far my tomato project has been a great success. Lyla loves to pick the red ones any chance she gets.
In my last tomato post I had just transplanted my starts into the planter...
...and the big plastic buckets from Albertsons.   
They've grown so thick that it is finally time that I get around to thinning them out. It's good to clip off a lot of the extra stems that don't have tomato buds for two reasons. 1. So the plant can focus all its energy on the fruit. AND 2. So the fruit can get the most sunlight possible.

This morning I spent a good while spacing out the pots, thinning out their branches, and giving them a good drink.
Keep coming tomatoes!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rag Doll Project - Part IV, Tutu

I've been spending a lot of time on my rag dolls these days. I've had a great time designing and testing my own patterns for her accessories. Here's my latest creation:

This fun little tutu has been the easiest rag doll project so far.

It's really simple. Here are the steps:
1. I took a 7 inch cut of  tutu material (can't remember what it's called) and folded it in half lengthwise then again widthwise creating 4 layers.

2. I sewed a basting stitch across the raw edge, gathered in the fabric, then trimmed the raw edge to within 1/8 in of the stitching 

3. Next I measured a piece of bias tape to fit her waist and pinned the gathered tutu material into the fold.

4. Then stitched it all together, added snaps and little doll is ready to dance!