Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Piggybank Dragons...work in progress

So, I decided I'd like to have a booth at the local Christmas bazaar this December. I have nearly a year to prepare stuff to sell. I thought I'd start by making a collection of my clay piggybank dragons. Here's what I have done so far...

They all have wide open mouths waiting for coins to eat.

Here are the 8 banks I've made so far...they still have to be fired, then glazed, then fired again. When that is all done they will look shiny and smooth. I've had fun thinking up ways to make each one unique.

I bought the block of clay at a local art supply store for $17...this will be enough to make about two more banks. Each one has taken 2-3 hours so far. I'll post again when they're finished!

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  1. I love them Em! They are so extremely cute. I love how they are all individuals. I didn't expect that. I though you were stream lining. I can't wait to see them when they are all done!

  2. Some of these look a bit like dinosaurs...I bet there are some dinosaur fans out there who would love a dino bank..another thought for DIckens Fair.

  3. Yeah, they all definitely look more dino than dragon...I need to switch their name accordingly.