Friday, September 4, 2009

Simple Scarf

Simple Scarf Crochet Pattern:
This is my first attempt at writing crochet directions, let me know if any of this is confusing.

Step 1:chain 19

Step 2: In 3rd chain from hook *2 dc, ch 2, sc* skip two chains, repeat ** in next chain...continue to end. (You should end with exactly 6 **)

Step 3: chain 2, turn (this counts as your first dc of the next **, so continue with 1 dc, ch 2, sc to complete your first **, THEN stitch a ** in the hole of each ch2 of the previous row.

Repeat Step 3 until you like the length (or run out our yarn, in my case...I often make one-skein-scarves).

I like to use Red Heart Soft Yarn ...affordable (but still quality enough to be soft on the skin) with a good selection of colors. I also find that solid colors work best. When I tried this pattern with variegated yarn the beauty of this simple pattern got lost in all the color.

I made these for my mom and sisters for Christmas 08, I found it took a little under 2 movies per scarf :) ...about 2 1/2 hours each. The scarf pictured is the one I am finally making for myself.

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