Monday, May 10, 2010

Baby Chick Update

14 Days Old
Notice how much their feathers have come in!

Now fast forward to today...26 Days old (just 3 1/2 weeks!)
A few of them appear to be fully feathered.
So many feathers!
They still live in the laundry room in their rubber tub with the heat lamp overtop. In a few more weeks they can go out to their chicken coop. The coop is not ready quite yet. We've been waiting for dry weather to finish painting it, but we've had A LOT of wet days lately. I'm excited to show you the finished product...hopefully soon!

PS. A HUGE thank you to the Jarrets for babysitting the chicks for the weekend while we were away.


  1. Holy Chickens! They grow fast! :)

  2. What an adventure that was for me the NON-animal lover. But it was such a treat for my super-duper-animal-lover daughter and heaven knows babysitting them is the only way she'll ever have chickens at our house. :) Thanks for the experience Em. They really aren't any work.