Sunday, January 17, 2010

Family Tree Art

I designed this paper family tree from a similar fabric project that my great friend, Jen, was doing with the young women (12-18 year olds) at church. I made the original for my brand new baby's nursery...then made a few more for family. I got it into my head that maybe other people would buy these family trees from I've made stencils and templates for the tree, leaves and heart, and I bought a cool die cut machine and several alphabets for the title lettering.

I decided to post these family trees on Etsy (an online venue for crafters to sell their stuff). I just posted this project to my "Etsy Shop" at I'm actually a little nervous, but also excited about having a piece of myself out there in the wide world for someone to buy.

Wish me luck!!!!


  1. I want one!!! I wanna buy one!!! :) Absolutely beautiful!!! :)

  2. Yahoo! My first customer!!! I'm so so excited! I'll email you the template for organizing your family names to send back. You'll also get info about selecting your accent blossom color and title font. Thanks Julie!!!!